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Bydureon is a prescription drug that was not originally created in order to assist dieters with weight loss, but that is known to produce this symptom as one of its side effects. Officially, the drug is available only to individuals with type 2 diabetes, as a treatment for that condition. It should never be used for any purpose other than this, unless it has been recommended by the prescribing doctor.

There have been several clinical trials performed on Bydureon in which weight loss was observed. The patients who took the medication were less inclined to eat than they had been before they started the use of the medication. What was determined was that three out of every four people who took this drug underwent a slow but steady decrease in their weight.

On average, over a period of 24 weeks, clinical study participants who were taking Bydureon lost about 5 pounds. Although the fat reduction was linked to the use of this medication, it is clear that this particular effect is not one that occurs exceptionally rapidly. Furthermore, even while taking this medication, it remains very important to maintain a specific healthy diet that is not only appropriate for the type 2 diabetes condition but that will also provide adequate nutrition in reasonable portions.

Along with a prescription of Bydureon, a meal plan is also typically recommended. This is not specifically to help to achieve weight loss, but is meant to help to improve the overall health of the diabetic individual. It involves both a meal plan and physical exercise. What has been found is that many people who take the medication also experience improvements in their blood pressure levels, cholesterol numbers, and even their blood sugar readings.

Many people who receive a Bydureon prescription also receive a referral to speak with a dietician. This can help to further refine a meal plan and determine exactly what types of food should be eaten, in what portion sizes, and how frequently. This can help to not only encourage improvements in the diabetic condition, but can also be geared toward weight loss goals when appropriate.

Bydureon was initially rejected by the FDA. This drug, which is called exenatide in its generic form, finally received its approval on January 27, 2012. Its approval for diabetes treatment includes weekly injections of an extended release suspension. It is manufactured by Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Alkermes PLC.

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